It's a national, non-profit organization that helps children succeed in school by encouraging caregivers to read 1000 books to a child before kindergarten.

Friends helped Ringer Library to purchase 100 backpacks in 2020. Each backpack contained a unique set of 10 books. By the time a caregiver completes all 100 backpacks, the goal of reading 1000 books to a child before kindergarten will have been met.

The program has been a huge success! All 100 backpacks are consistently checked out. The backpacks can be checked out from either Mounce or Ringer library.

In 2021, friends reallocated funding from COVID- interrupted programs so the libraries could purchase 18 more complete backpacks and replace worn books.

Community help is greatly needed to replicate the program at Mounce library.


Donate Books Starting June 1, 2021

Book donations are gratefully accepted at both Clara Mounce and Larry Ringer libraries. If you are downsizing or just rehabilitating from a tiny book acquisition predilection, please donate your books. Funds from book sales power reading programs, backpacks, digital resources, program development, staff recognition and so much more.

Friends of the Library

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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

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