Friends of the Library

1000 Books Before Kindergarten


It's a national, non-profit organization that helps children succeed in school by encouraging caregivers to read 1000 books to a child before kindergarten.

Friends helped Ringer Library to purchase 100 backpacks in 2020. Each backpack contained a unique set of 10 books. By the time a caregiver completes all 100 backpacks, the goal of reading 1000 books to a child before kindergarten will have been met.

The program has been a huge success! All 100 backpacks are consistently checked out. The backpacks can be checked out from either Mounce or Ringer library.

In 2021, friends reallocated funding from COVID- interrupted programs so the libraries could purchase 18 more complete backpacks and replace worn books.

Community help is greatly needed to replicate the program at Mounce library.